Matte lipsticks are my all time favorite. I am always in the hunt of new matte lipsticks, so whenever I find them I can’t resist myself from buying them. I got my hands on this Color-bar velvet matte lipstick a few months ago but I didn’t get enough time to review it. But here I come finally with my review. I have used these lipsticks for a quite now and I will let you know about all the necessary information that you guys need to know about these lipsticks.


PRODUCT DETAILS: Colorbar claims to provide you rich, intense color with its velvet matte lipstick. It has got 2 in 1 unique formula which tends to glide on your lips very smoothly. It has a very light formula and gives a creamy matte finish providing your lips a red carpet look. These lip colors will make you look the absolute best.

PRICE: The Colorbar velvet matte lipstick retails for Rs. 325 but these lipsticks are always available on discount on most of the online shopping stores.

AVAILABILITY: You can get these Colorbar velvet matte lipsticks in your nearby stores as well as online on the most popular shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon and, Nykaa.

PACKAGING:  The lipstick comes in  very simple packaging as nothing is attractive about it. It comes in a silver colored twisting cylindrical tube which is used for many of the bullet lipstick packagings. The packaging is quite sturdy but as far as travel-friendliness is considered, you may not want to take it in your bag as the cap is not tight enough. So it can sometimes open in your bag and can create a mess sometimes. Otherwise, overall it has got a nice and simple looking packaging.

TEXTURE AND FINISH: The texture of Colorbar velvet matte lipsticks as the name suggests has very smooth velvet like texture in them. These lipsticks glide on your lips like butter and won’t leave your lips dry at all. If you have dry lips like me, then you will probably fall in love with the smooth texture of these lipsticks. Moving to the finish of this product, it has a very soft matte finish and does not provide extra shine or sheen to your lips, which is a very good thing. Also, these lipsticks do not bleed and can work well without a lip liner too.

PIGMENTATION: Moving on to describing the pigmentation of this product, I would say that it very well pigmented as only with one swipe you get a very good color pay off. But if you are someone who likes to wear intensely pigmented colors then you can go with another coat over the first layer too. So, that’s how you get sorted out for your day.


STAYING POWER: According to the brand Colorbar, the lipsticks are meant to stay for about 5 hours but talking about my personal experience with these lipsticks, then I would say that it stays only for good to 3-4 hours. Obviously, if you are going to have some greasy or oily food, then it will not stay on your lips as it is but it will definitely provide your lips a good stain after that.

If you want to make the color last on your lips for a longer period of time, then you can use some tricks to make that work. For example, you can use a lip liner beneath your lipstick to make it last longer. Also, you can apply a few more coats of these lipsticks and bloat it with tissue paper. After that, apply some translucent powder to set your lipstick.  This is how you can work with this lipstick for a longer period of time.


  • The brand claims it to a creamy matte lipstick which provides the smudge-proof application.
  • The lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter which help in nourishing your lips and moisturizing them as well.
  • The lipsticks are highly pigmented; just one swipe and you are good to go.
  • Staying power of this lipstick is also decent keeping in mind that these are not super matte in the formula.
  • These lipsticks are dermatologically tested.
  • The brand Colorbar is a cruelty-free brand, so you should definitely go for them.
  • The shade range of this category is huge, so every skin tone can find a color for them.
  • The texture of these lipsticks is extremely smooth and glides on your lips like heaven.
  • You don’t need to apply any lip balm beneath it as they themselves are so moisturizing.
  • The lipsticks are so affordable that everyone can definitely try them out.
  • Easily available in your nearby stores.


  • If you are the one who the loves super matte finish, then this might be not the one for you.
  • It doesn’t have SPF in it.

FINAL VERDICT: Well, as you can see there are too many pros of these lipsticks than its cons, then I would highly recommend these lipsticks to you all. If you are the one who has dry lips like mine, then girl you definitely need to give it a shot. Also, the price is so affordable that you should not miss out on these beautiful lipsticks.

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